Become A Kid Sense Home

Foster Care

Criteria to  Get Started:

  • Minimum age 21
  • Have a stable source of income
  • Contact us

Getting Your Home  Licensed:

Step 1:  Contact Us
Contact us for an initial meet and greet with our staff to determine if we are a right fit for your family before we guide you through the licensing process.

Step 2:  Background Clearance

Each applicant is required to complete an extensive background clearance.  This includes a State Patrol records check, an FBI fingerprint check, and a Child Abuse and Neglect records check.  If you are uncertain if a past conviction will interfere with your application, contact us and we can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.  Past convictions do not always mean an automatic denial.

Step 3:  Training

Once your background checks have processed, you will be required to complete 24+ hours of mandated training. Kid Sense will provide this training to you, in your home, and we make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Step 4:  Home Inspection

After your training, we will conduct a home inspection. This will help us determine your licensing guidelines such as how many foster children can be placed in your home and specific gender and age range of the children.

Step 5:  Comprehensive Interview

As part of your home inspection, we will conduct a comprehensive interview which explores your childhood, family relationships, lifestyle, and parenting skills. This part of the process may feel intrusive but it is essential in understanding who you are as a foster parent, the ideal placement options for your home, and how we can best support you.

Step 6:  Child Placement

Now that your your home is licensed, it is time to match a child with your home. Our placement coordinator develops individual relationships with each foster family to better understand appropriate placements for your home.

Step 7: Continued Support

Now that you have a foster child or children placed in your home, don't worry, Kid Sense LLC will continue to stay with you and support you in your endeavors of foster parenting. Our continued support will include:

  • Clinical Case Management for each foster home
  • Respite care, 2 days a month
  • Emotional support
  • Collaborate with foster parents to provide care to children placed in their home
  • Facilitate communication between DCFS and foster parents
  • Individualized training
  • Skill development
  • Maintaining an open, trusting, and cooperative relationship with our foster homes



Join your family  with ours and become a Kid Sense home.
Being a foster parent is a difficult and often thankless endeavor. Kid Sense is dedicated to supporting current and future foster parents in every the process.